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Giant Bars are made by a small family business named First Quality Foods. Started over 30 years ago by food entrepreneur Sam Jacobi, the UK-based business has been influential in the popularisation of foods such as couscous with the brand “Sammy’s”, Middle Eastern cuisine with the brand “Al’Fez” and wholesome Nut Roasts with the brand “Artisan Grains” – but it is the Giant Bars made by their bakery division “Kingsbake” that the business is mostly associated with today.



The first variety made - The Giant Peanut Bar – was to prove a great hit in London in the early 90’s – as Sam would deliver boxes of this tasty bar to independent grocery stores all over the West End. As sales increased and the business expanded, so has the range. Over the next few years more nut flavours were added, then fruity flavours as well as yogurt topped and chocolatey Giant Bars. In 2002 Kingsbake set up its own bespoke bakery in Bristol, and again in 2017 – moving to new larger premises.



We're proud to have produced more than 350 million bars since our inception. Today we produce around 15 million handmade bars a year across 30 delicious varieties and sell to over 10 countries worldwide.


And while we are a more developed business these days, the heart and soul of the Kingsbake bakery hasn’t changed. We are as excited making healthy eating and tasty flapjacks today as we were back in the early days; and it is this passion that makes us feel like a startup!

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